My name is VODAVODA. I am composed and designed by nature at a depth of 605 meters. I am naturally filtrated through layers of limestone, I am absolutely clear and biologically clean.

Thanks to a well-balanced composition, I am a perfect unity of minerals and salts, ideal for everyday use. My bottling directly from the spring keeps authentic purity without any processing.

Many people ask me why I am square bottled. Every drop of mine carries life in itself and I am the link between people and the nature. I have chosen the packaging which is unique, rational and pragmatic and I have adapted it to your needs so it can be at hand at all times.

One Key Gin is a brand new entry into the world of gin. With exotic botanicals, care- fully selected ingredients and one-of-a-kind bottle design, the spirit has cast aside centuries of tradition and beverage consumption as we know it.

The impeccable quality of gin and unpredictable futuristic design makes One Key Gin ‘’a future classic’’.

Utilizing the latest trends in glass production, the One Key bottle is a real jewel made from hand crafted white glass covered in a layer of organic deep blue color and a handmade, polished, stainless steel key.

Abnormal the worldwide premium vodka craze. And there is a reason for it: many of you design-watchers will recognize this bottle as receiving praise for being the first neckless vodka bottle, which received the “GRAND PRIZE – best packaging design” in Cannes 2005.

The quality of every bottle of Abnormal vodka is guaranteed due to the control of the complete production process; every drop of vodka is filtered for more than eighty hours through ten tons of special active coal. As the result of this process, crystal clear vodka with a great body and texture is produced, quality highly appreciated and highlighted by the devotees of this beverage.

The story of Gorki List is not just a story about liqueur which consists of extracts of 27 varieties of herbs of which wormwood prevails, giving it a unique aroma.

It’s a story about strong emotional connection with people, their lives and their needs.

It’s work of art, created by each member of our team, with dedication, creativity, love and passion.


Spletna stran vsebuje infromacije o alkoholnih pijačah, zato je vstop dovoljen samo polnoletnim osebam.

S klikom na spodnjo povezavo “VSTOPI” potrjujem, da sem star 18 let.